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 Cassiopeia (possible slave)

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PostSubject: Cassiopeia (possible slave)   Cassiopeia (possible slave) I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 6:09 pm

Name ~ Cassiopeia, Cassi
Age ~ 18
Sex ~ Female
Race ~ Human

Cassiopeia works in a cafe that advertises its services with sex appeal, by using attractive, barely dressed young girls to serve as waitresses.. What most of the waitresses aren't aware of is that this shop doubles as a slave auctioning site -- Customers are secretly permitted to approach the tall, redheaded and sly looking woman who managed the cafe and present an offer of a price for a specific girl.

Forced to work here due to an undefined amount of debt owed to the mistress by Cassi's late parents, Cassi spends her days shyly roaming the dining room in her short, smooth black dress and panties. Her long, silky-straight brown hair flows in sync with the gentle curves of her hips. Her small, black panties hugged her ass as she walked in her small, high-heeled black shoes and her breasts lay unsupported underneath the thin fabric of her tiny gown.

Often times Cassi would discover men in the cafe directing obscene looks toward her, and has even experienced incidents in which customers would purposely create spills in order to watch her wipe them up on her hands and knees. But not yet had she been purchased.

All those men's eyes on her body... She'd feel their stares, feel their imaginations caressing her waist. Each time she'd have such thoughts, her face became an uncomfortable shade of pink, but to her own embarrassment and disbelief, she often found herself becoming a little excited. To her best abilities, she fights against succumbing to these feelings, and is in denial of her true desires.

Appearance : Picture (photobucket)

**PM to begin roleplay with this character, please be at least a little descriptive in your posts Smile
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Cassiopeia (possible slave)
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