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 Anise (Slave)

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PostSubject: Anise (Slave)   Anise (Slave) I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 12:54 pm

Name: Anise (Ah-niece)
Race: Neko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Collars: A Red callor is around her neck, and a yellow around her right wrist. She also has a blue collar around her left wrist.
(Meanings --- Red: Dangerous and violent / Blue: Calm and quiet / Yellow: Lean and skinny)

Personality: Anise is normally quiet and doesn't get mad too easily, but when she is called short, or she gets rubbed the wrong way, she forgets about what could happen to her if she lashed out and embraced the temptation to fight. Anise is quiet naive, but she knows some things. Anise is known to lash out sometimes when she gets too embarrassed, but its not on perpose, its her first instinct. Anise works hard at what she is asked to do, and often tries to not speak at all. Anise has a temper that she's tried to hide ever since she had been introduced to slavery. So as a recap, Anise is only violent when you disgrace her mother or hit her. She is also (accidentally) violent when embarrassed. She is good at cooking and cleaning, but she lacks common sense in other values. Anise is almost a mute because she's afraid her words will get her into trouble.

Bio: Anise was introduced to slavery at age five, because for five years her mother kept hiding place to place, and they were always on the run, but one day her mother was found, and murdered before Anise's eyes for running away when she found out she was pregnant with Anise. Anise's father was human but her mother was a Neko. Anise almost killed her first master because he used to beat her and rub it in her face that her mother was dead, and disgraced her mothers name, so she's on the market.

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Anise (Slave)
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