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PostSubject: New Slave's   New Slave's I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 3:23 am

New Slave's Kariappreance

Appreance, Kari is the Blonde.

Name: Kari
Age: 15
Height: 5'0
Weight: 120
Race: Werelion. (With Cat ears and Tail.)
Personality: Can be a bit of a Rebel, But does have a tendency to obey. She is somewhat cheerful, But keeps to herself at times. Doesn't play well with others, and has some what of a bipolar personality. She also gets Jealous Very easily. Yet, She can be very Playful.
Sexuality: Straight
Skills: Plays the Violin and has some Telekenesis powers, They are improving slowly.
Type Of Master Wanted: Kind but forceful, If Kari misbehaves she will be punished. Also, Wings are prefered, No Neko masters. Loves to be chained and wants a collar of her own.
Status: Virgin
Slave type: Loyal/Obedient.
Background: Born and raised by Werelions, She had been afflicted by the dreaded curse. Over the years she has learned to contorl her power and now has full control over it. She grew up alone for most of her life, She had one master, But he cruel left her alone after conducting experiments on her body in order to gain the power of the Werelions Curse. After that, She never trusted anyone, So now its up to a new Master to help her and guide thru her lonely life. Recently tho, She was captured and put into a slave auctioning house, And now awaits her fate and her new master.One of her wishs is to one day be granted beautiful white angel wings, Maybe her master can give her that one wish.
Quirks: Can be very aggressive on nights with full moons, Only
her master soft spoken word can calm her.
Likes: Wings, Music, Tattoos, Piercings and Animals.
Dislikes: Preppy girls,Sharing and being told No.
Apparel: (Same as her appreance picture.)

New Slave's Summer

Name: Summer
Age: 15
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135
Race: Inu (Dog)
Personality: She has a calm demeanor to her, She never looked angry or sad. To see her happy was rare too. She never spoke. Her past haunted her to much, and caused her to go into a deep depression at times. She is friendly, But if she is treated wrongly she will snap and attack. Regardless of who it is. All in All, she is a sweet sweet girl who keeps to herself.
Sexuality: Straight.
Skills: Has excellent smelling senses (she is a dog after all).
Type of Master Wanted: Doesn't matter, Human males are prefered.
Status: Virgin.
Slave Type: Obedient/ Kind.
Background: She was adopted as a puppy when she was little, But the owner had an Awkward obsession with having sex with female dogs. So he decided to work up a formual and turn her from Dog, Into a human girl. His Experiment succeeded, but when she went from dog to girl. Her ears and tail stayed behind. He didn't want anyone to find out about her so he hid her away in cell that he had rented out from some underground workers. What she hand't know was, was that it was a slave trade. She didn't know how to speak or do anything human. Her animal instincts were all she knew. So night and day she fought and barked trying to get free. She wanted to be free, She wanted to roam the world, but who knew when that time would come.
Quirks: She has a tendency to bark after almost everyword she does know. She does drool when she sleeps. And she sucks her thumb.
Likes: Popsicles, Stuff Animals, Doggy treats, A good scratching, grass, and mud.
Dislikes:Cats, Leashes, cages, vegetables, Water (hates baths)and mirrors.
Apparel: Whatever her Master can afford for her, At the moment all she is wearing is her Pink shirt and a pair of shorts her pervious owner made her wear.

New Slave's Cleo

Name: Cleo
Age: Looks 14 (is really 314)
Height: 4'11
Weight: 100lbs
Race: Vampire/Catgirl
Personality: She is really goofy, fun and Daring. Don't let her height fool you, She is alot stronger than she looks. She talks ALOT. And loves on anyone that spoils her, Especially her future Master. She can be very Obnoxious and doesn't like sharing, So multiple slaves at once will tick her off. She has to be top cat, or else she throws huge fits. She has a short temper, But in the end if she gets what she wants she is the sweetest thing ever.
Sexuality: Straight, Loves to please.
Skills: Has the power of minipulation. Also the power to turn others into Vampires.
Type of Master Wanted: Human, Demon and Vampire Masters are good, No Inu or Neko Masters.
Status: Virgin, but has given Oral pleasure before. Loves to be punished, has a high pain tolerance.
Slave Type: Obedient/ Masochistic.
Background: She grew up in a full house of slaves, Her Master found her on the side of the road cold and wet. She was his first, So he took it amongest himself to turn her into a Vampire. She was the top slave in their community, And she helped trained some of them. Every now and again, She would ask to be tortured. She loved being a Masochist, and loved her Sadistic master. He was kind tho, Trust was always there, and he never did anything she didn't like. He was killed by a stampede of hunters who wanted to claim the house of slaves as their own. Cleo mangaged to get away in time, and she was now alone wandering courtyards of homes and Mansions looking for a place to call home.
Quirks: She has to be "numero uno" in a group of slaves, if the Master has more than one. Also, She hates not getting her way. She is a spoiled brat after all.
Likes: Cute things, Dresses, Animals, Music, Summer time (even tho she is a Vampire, She can with stand the sun for no more than 2 hours.), Painting and cuddling.
Dislikes: Sour things, Dogs, Winter, Cold Water and Whips.
Apparel: She likes big t-shirts, Dresses are her ultimate favorite thing to wear, She just can't afford any. Anything cute she will wear.

I have more than one slave, So it gives everyone a bit of variety, Also. If you don't see a slave that you like. PM and i will make on to your likings =D Thanks for looking.
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New Slave's
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