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 Mikani Kyuubi

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PostSubject: Mikani Kyuubi   Mikani Kyuubi I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 04, 2008 10:54 am

Name: Mikani Kyuubi, or in the Japanese style, Kyuubi Mikani.

Race: Fox

Status: Slave

Likes: She loves playing with small animals, and also meeting new people and going to new places. Not to mention her love for the rain.

Dislikes: Though she likes rain, she hates storms. She also hates when people step on her tail or pull on her ears, but if it is from her owner she will deal with it or else.

History/Information: Mikani is from the Akai Kitsune bloodline in the race of the Fox's. The full name of it meaning 'Red Fox', it shows in her physical appearance. A pair of fox ears ontop of her head and a silky, soft fox tail always twirling around behind her. Both a redish-orange colour, along with her hair. Her elegant beauty often attracts the male masters more than the female, though the one and only owner she has had so far had been a female. She has the innocence of a young cub, yet the experiance of a full grown fox. She was taken from her family at a young age where she spent the most part of her life with her first owner, until the woman had died of a strange illness. Now, she spends her days awaiting the arrival of her new owner. And strangely enough, she doesn't mind being a slave.
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Mikani Kyuubi
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