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 Mistress (Kin Suki)

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PostSubject: Mistress (Kin Suki)   Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:10 pm

Name:Kin Suki(Golden Loved One)

Nickname: Kin

Age:Looks like 17

Occupation: Mistress/Slave

Race: Half Neko and Half Vampire (Reaper)




Hair:Wavy Gold-like Blonde, Butt Length.

Eyes:Red and Green (They change depending on her mood.)



Personality: Kin is hard to understand. Her feelings might change drastically, giving her a bubbly personality or a deadly one. The only certain thing about her is that she is extremely loyal...just like a dog (Irony). She is a very jealous type and hates to lie to those she has given her loyalty to. Kin can be very flirty at times, half of those time she does not even notice. She is very playful and loves to learn new things. Kin can be somewhat bold. One of the many known things about her is how friendly she is with kids and her desire to die for any child. However, inside she is a kid herself with body of a mature woman.

Hirtory: Kin was born as a mutt coming from a family of pure blooded vampires and nekos. Her mother was a neko while her father was a pure blooded vampire, he was well known for his sneaky and quick movements---mostly for his ability to feed off of humans and vampires. Her fathers family was a differnt type of Vampire clan, while other vampires fed on humans they fed on any kind of race...including vampires. They also had different abbilities for exmple the Hide Hand, which is the ability that grants vampires the power to manipulate objects (ex: moving objects, levitating, breaking people's bones, etc.). It can also create an invisible barrier that can stop bullets. Only vampires with certain bloodlines have this ability--there are other kinds of abilities too but that are only passed through the Reapers offspring/family.


Eye Raid : An ability that grants a vampire to control a person's mind through eye contact. They can search through their memories, induce hypnosis, and control their actions. This ability can work on multiple targets at once.

Eye Ignite: A form of vampiric pyrokinesis. The users (Reapers) eyes turn yellow and black and a form of fire appears. The temperature level of the fire depends on how the Reaper feels or usses it.
Yellow-Level 1
Orange-Level 2
Red-Level 3
Dark Red-Level 4
Light Blue-Level 5
Dark Blue with yellow-Level 6 (It is way worse then Sun or any kind of hot object or thing.)

Mental Powers
Vampires have a variety of mental powers, most of which depend on eye contact.

"Rolling": Vampires can "roll" victims by making eye contact. "Rolling" typically refers to a temporary hypnotic state that vampires can use to conceal their movements, giving them the illusion of instantaneous movement, to give commands to the victim, or to reduce the pain of a vampire's bite. Victims with supernatural power, such as other vampires, and lycanthropes, display varying amounts of resistance to this technique, but most people avoid the technique by not looking vampires directly in the eyes.

"Deep rolling": Given time, a sufficiently powerful vampire can put a victim into an effectively permanent hypnotic state. Vampires sometimes pretend to release a rolled human to appease the police, but if they have been "deep rolled" they can still recall them.

Mass hypnosis: Some vampires are able to exert a hypnotic effect over an entire crowd. Mass hypnosis does not have the same permanent effects as "deep rolling". Mass hypnosis is not a widely known vampire power, and has its limits. This form of "mind control" is the only one currently considered legal.

Vampire's bite: A vampire's bite can (but does not always) provide the vampire with mental control over the victim. A vampire's bite can be sexual.

Empathy: refer to being able to "smell" emotions such as fear and lust, and some vampires are able to detect lies. It is not clear precisely how much of this ability involves literal scent and how much involves mental powers.

Ability to call animals.
Some master vampires have one or more animals to call. This ability also allows them to summon and command animals and lycanthropes of that type. A sufficiently powerful lycanthrope can interfere with this call, however.

Early rising.
Some master vampires are able to wake, move, and use their powers during daylight (but must remain in shadow).

Animal servant.
A vampire with the ability to call animals may also form a vampire-servant relationship with one animal or lycanthrope subject to the vampire's call.

Power drain.
A master is capable of drawing all of the power from vampires that he has personally sired, reducing them to a weakened, near-skeletal state. This is usually used as a form of punishment.

Call Shadows
Some vampires can call shadows, cloaking an area in darkness.

Healing blood
This unique specie can heal others wounds, yet always depending on their specie. Sending her blood through their pores or cut , it flows inside them burning up their would and healing it 'till it repairs back to it's normal state.

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Tensenga Numai

Tensenga Numai

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PostSubject: Re: Mistress (Kin Suki)   Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:35 pm

Welcome..This makes it 2 and a half vampires on this site lol
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PostSubject: Re: Mistress (Kin Suki)   Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:19 am

Lol thanks and ok ^^;
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PostSubject: Re: Mistress (Kin Suki)   Wed Jun 11, 2008 11:20 am

Nice profile!Is that you,V?
Because its almost the exact words as V's DN bio.
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PostSubject: Re: Mistress (Kin Suki)   

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Mistress (Kin Suki)
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