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 Female Slave For Sale!

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PostSubject: Female Slave For Sale!   Female Slave For Sale! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 24, 2012 6:02 pm

Isabelle hated what she knew was coming next. Soon the gaurds, who were atleast twice her size, came to get her. Instead of being shufeled and draged she walked to the best of her ablility up to the auction block. She refused to let them see her stumble or cower; she refused to give them that pleasure. After being led up to that horrible place she was pushed unneccicarialy roughly to her knees.

"Next up we have a fine little lady here, who can cook and clean almost as well as she can play the piano. And shes olny 15 years old; she not a bad peice of eye candy, and she's still breakable; if you catch my drift!"

Everyone laughed. She hated how he introduced her like she were some dog. She had to lower her value... So she spat. Right there infront of all potenial buyers she spat on the floor. And it seemed that everyone had seen her do this one simple act of defiance, which was exactly what she wanted. Of course this didn't go without the gaurd and auctioner noticing. She also managed to shift her body position so that most of her scars were more visable. She recived a sharp kick in the leg so that no potential buyer saw, and the auctioner had to recover somehow.

"Haha," he gave a forced laugh, "This one's gonna need a firm strict hand, but i promise she's worth it!" Before she could do something to even further lower her value he started the auction. "Do I hear three gole peices? Two gold peices for this lovely young lady?"

Isabelle had to resist the erge to laugh; almost all of the others had started off at 5-7 peices and she was starting at 3. But now she had to wait and see. She stared at all the buyers as if daring one of them to bid, as the auction began.

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PostSubject: Re: Female Slave For Sale!   Female Slave For Sale! I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 03, 2013 2:46 am

*a male in combat uniform scoffs* twenty easy
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Female Slave For Sale!
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