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 Mimi ( S L A V E ) .

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Mimi ( S L A V E ) . Empty
PostSubject: Mimi ( S L A V E ) .   Mimi ( S L A V E ) . I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 10:13 am

Actual Age: Nineteen .
Appearance Age: Mid to late teens .

Birth Name: Kamenashi Misaki .
"Nickname": Mimi .

Ethnicity: Japanese and Korean mix .

Title: The Recalcitrant Rose .
Status: S L A V E .

Demeanor: Soft spoken yet crude. Aggressive yet nurturing. Sly yet trustworthy. Short-tempered yet understanding. Stubborn yet open-minded. Stoic yet emotionally fragile. Sagacious yet clumsy.

-- possesses an abnormally high pain tolerance .
-- highly knowledgeable in hand-to-hand combat and usage of most weapons [besides firearms] .
-- true sadomasochist .
-- bi-sexual, though leans more towards females .
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Mimi ( S L A V E ) .
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