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  **Bunnie Slave**

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PostSubject: **Bunnie Slave**    **Bunnie Slave** I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 2:27 pm

Name:needs to be named but gets called bunnie
Age: 16
Type: bunnie/human/

looks: light purple hair,dark purple eyes, size 6, 5ft 2 (see profile picture)

she was told she was stolen from her family when she was 12 but her dad sold her to a trader as she was diffent the only one in the village to have bunnie ears and tail. and was named freak of the town. she carries a rabbit with her which her mum gave to her when she was 8

shy and submissive but will fight back if she wants to.
she wear two collars and a choker
1st collar is white - shy,gentle,submissive
2nd collar is red - can be dangerous and may bite/kick

fast runner
strong when angry
flies - wings r clip so she cant
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**Bunnie Slave**
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